Program Tabs Prevent Fleas On Your Pet

Program Tabs Prevent Fleas

What is Program?

Program is a medication that helps prevent flea eggs and larvae from developing. This medication does this by breaking up the flea life cycle and effectively gets rid of all of the fleas.

Program is not used to kill fleas but prevents them. In order to kill fleas you would need a stronger medication. This medication can be give to both dogs and cats but you would have to give the correct dose depending on how large or small your pet is.

How do You Use Program?

Program must be given with a meal or with a small amount of food after giving your pet the medication.

Since Program is in a liquid form it can easily be mixed with wet food or add it to a special homemade treat.

Recommended by Pet Owner

Many pet owners recommend program as an effective way to prevent fleas. As it is not as strong compared to other medications that can be used to ensure your pets health stays at an optimal level.

In addition, it is super easy to give as it comes in liquid form and can easily be added into your pet’s food.

Where can you Get Program?

Program does not need a prescription and it can be easily ordered from But remember that it is always important to consult your veterinarian before giving any kind of medication or treatments to your furry loved on.