7 Things You Don’t Know About Dogs

7 Things You Don't Know About Dogs

Many people may have had their dog as a part of their family for years and may be surprised by how much they don’t know about dogs.

There are many minor and small details that make dogs an extremely special animal.

And as a pet owner sometimes you stand there in front of your dog wondering what they are doing.

However these unknowns and mystery facts no longer have to be in the dark.

Here is a list of wonderful facts that you may not have known about your dog!

1. Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tail

A dog chasing a tail is not exactly a good thing and something that you would want to encourage. This is because it is usually caused by boredom or used as a way for your dog to get more attention from you. In other cases, chasing their tail may be a sign that your dog is not well. It could be the sign of ticks and fleas, worms and other medical conditions.

However in most cases you need not worry too much as your dog is just chasing their tail. Some dogs breeds like a German Shepherd or Terriers are just genetically programmed of having a habit of chasing their own tails. Researchers still do not understand why certain breeds may do this more often than other breeds.

2. Dogs Dream While Sleeping

Many people wonder if dogs dream like humans, and they do. As a pet owner, you can clearly tell if your dog is dreaming because you will notice that they are making noises and scratching while they are snoozing.

This is because just like humans dogs can fall into a deep sleep and this is the stage of the sleep where dreams start developing. During this stage of sleep, you may also observe that your dog’s eyes may be twitching and this is 100% normal.

3. Dogs Have Night Vision

Have you ever wondered why your dog can direct themselves really well in the dark, without bumping into things or hurting themselves? This is because they have the ability to see in the dark.

For that reason, they have the ability to adapt to low-light vision as they have a larger pupil that lets more light in. In addition, they have light-sensitive rods which allow their eyes to work better in the dark compared to human eyes. Hence, why dogs are often used for search and rescue purposes.

4. Dogs Can Predict the Weather

Even though it has yet to be scientifically proven it has been observed that dogs can predict the weather. Many people and pet owners refer to dogs  having a sixth sense.

So if you find that your dog is acting in an unusual way before you leave the house, they may be warning you to pack an umbrella. But some of the scientific studies that have been done illustrate how dogs are super sensitive and can feel when pressure drops or if there has been a shift in the static electrical field. These sensations usually happen when there is a change in the climate or just before a bad storm.

5. Dogs Do Not Sweat As Much As We May Think

Dogs do not have many sweat glands compared to humans; as they are primarily located in their paw pads. Therefore, dogs only have the ability to sweat through their paw pads as you may have witnessed them being wet when the weather is a bit warm.

However, this also means that they are not fast when it comes to cooling themselves down and maintaining regular body temperatures. For that reason, it is important as a pet owner to take extra precautions to make sure that they are kept cool during the hot and dry days.

6. Dogs Noses Absorb Scent

As a pet owner many of us know that if your dog’s nose is wet then it means that your dog is healthy; however, have you ever linked it to smell? In recent studies, it has shown how a wet nose is linked to helping dogs pick up different kinds of scents.

This is because the mucus from the nose picks up on the smallest scents which is why dogs are able to sniff out almost anything. For that reason, many dogs work alongside police officers to help them with their job.

7. Tail Wagging Has its Own Language

Many people may assume that dogs wag their tail as a natural movement that they have. However, depending how your dog is wagging their tail it may be telling you something.

In recent studies it outlines how if your dog is wagging their tail to the right it means that they are happy; however if it is to the left it indicates that they are frightened. But if their tail is wagging out of control this indicates that he or she is feeling angry.